Dynamic Sales & Marketing Techniques That Drive Retail Sales

Increase your sales, Learn exceptional selling strategies


—Whether you are a beginner or you are experienced in selling, this course will expose you to sales and marketing tips that you never knew or haven't been practicing.

——You’d be learning personal standards that will make you a trusted salesman, tips on managing and communicating with even the most difficult customers, the intricacies of making a sale and the basics of business development.

——Basically, I’d be turning you from being a random shooter to being a sniper.

—If you are a salesman or you’re just looking to develop basic selling skills and knowledge, then this course is the right one for you. Even if you are well versed in selling, this course will help ensure that you keep your basic marketing skills well polished.

The course has been divided into 5 lectures:

* Introduction

*Developing Personal Standards

*Communicating with Customers

*Making the Sale and

*Introduction to Business Development

This course will do one thing for you: give you exactly what you need to succeed in selling. This is no text book approach, It is very practical.

Valentine Okolo

Chapter 1:  

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