Label Design and Origination


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Exam Description:


This covers the process of what happens to a label or pack design before it arrives at the press ready for printing. This includes design and origination, preparation for printing, proofing artwork, prepress output and supply chain issues.

This exam includes questions that test your knowledge on the core textbook as well as the module's supplementary material.


Label Design and Origination: Repro and prepress processes by John Morton and Robert Shimmin

Recommended reading:

Encyclopedia of Label Technology

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Exam Objectives:

  • Label Design and Origination
  • To understand the components of label design and origination
  • To be able to indicate the processes of finalizing artwork and producing working files
  • To demonstrate digital workflow developments and the implications for the packaging supply chain
  • To identify the pros and cons of proofing and the different options available
  • To highlight the different stages associated with producing the components required for print


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