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I am a new teacher on that site web

I am so happy to work here with amazing people

I am able to offres you amazing things here

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Perfect and easy to understand

And then are for all levels

You will find your self with no language obstacles when you travel

You will be a great speaker

You will learn cooking from me

Cooking courses with videos and trailers about Moroccan food

All recipes

I will teach you to be able to understand with perfect way not [email protected] but 92%

I think you wound refuse it alooot things in one ooooooofffrrreeeee

3 languages and cooking and also making exercises

Home workI think you wound

Chapter 1:   Introduction

Chapter 2:   Alphabets

Chapter 3:   Alphabets

Chapter 4:   Présentation

Chapter 5:   Most words use in daily life

Chapter 6:   Traveling

Chapter 7:   Cooking

Chapter 8:   Driving

Chapter 9:   Holiday

Chapter 10:   Administration

Chapter 11:   Grammar

Chapter 12:   Conjugaison

Chapter 13:   Making sentences

Chapter 14:   Writing

Chapter 15:   How to pronounce very well

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