Group Conversation Practice x 8 30 Minute Slots for the Month

Several Topics



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Topic 1: Crime and Punishment


  1. Is your city a safe place to live? Why?
  2. Does your city have any dangerous areas? Where are they?
  3. Are you afraid to walk outside after dark? Why?
  4. Do you know anyone who has been robbed? If so, what happened?
  5. Have you ever been robbed? Have you ever had something stolen from you?
  6. Is it ever okay to break the law? If so, when?
  7. What are some things people can do to protect themselves from crime?
  8. What are some things that are legal but you personally think should be illegal?
  9. What are some things that are illegal but you personally think should be legal?
  10. What crimes have you heard about recently in the news?
  11. What do you think is the worst crime a person could commit? Why?
  12. What crimes do you think will increase in the future? Why?
  13. What crimes do you think will decrease in the future? Why?
  14. Does your country have the death penalty? If so, for what crimes can people receive the death penalty?
  15. Do you think the death penalty is a fair punishment? Why?
  16. Are there any reasonable alternatives to the death penalty? What?
  17. Why do people steal things?
  18. Have you ever had anything stolen from you?
  19. Have you ever stolen anything?

Chapter 1:   Day 1 Week 1

Chapter 2:   Day 2 Week 1

Chapter 3:   Day 3 Week 2

Chapter 4:   Day 4 Week 2

Chapter 5:   Day 5 Week 3

Chapter 6:   Day 6 Week 3

Chapter 7:   Day 7 Week 4

Chapter 8:   Day 8 Week 4

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