Business English - Upper Intermediate

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Enhance your English communication skills through discussing relevant business topics and real-life case studies with a native English instructor.

Award-winning lesson plans from Cambridge University

Business Advantage is the course for tomorrow's business leaders. Based on a unique syllabus that combines current business theory, business in practice and business skills - all presented using authentic, expert input - the course contains specific business-related outcomes that make the material highly relevant and engaging. The Business Advantage Upper-intermediate level books include input from the following leading institutions and organisations: the Cambridge Judge Business School, the Boston Consulting Group, Nokia, Dell, and Havaianas - to name but a few.

Polish your core communication skills:

    1. 1. Active Listening
    2. 2. Pronunciation
    3. 3. Grammar
    4. 4. Expression


Class timings are arranged privately with the instructor according to your time zone and convenience.

This course contains 18 classes.

Classes are 60 minutes each.

Classes may be purchased in packages of:

9 classes

18 classes

Ask about discounts!

Chapter 1:   Competitive Intelligence

Chapter 2:   Sports and business metaphors

Chapter 3:   The STEEP analysis

Chapter 4:   Pay and benefits

Chapter 5:   The future of work

Chapter 6:   Creativity strategy

Chapter 7:   Problems across departments

Chapter 8:   Cultural awareness – the Mole Model

Chapter 9:   Setting achievable goals

Chapter 10:   Project management: London 2012 

Chapter 11:   Giving an effective product presentation

Chapter 12:   Pitching your concept: The four Cs or the four Ps?

Chapter 13:   Branding

Chapter 14:   Income statements

Chapter 15:   Balance sheets (American English) 

Chapter 16:   The Second Savings Bank

Chapter 17:   Corporate social responsibility

Chapter 18:   Strategic planning

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