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Exam Objectives:

  • Brand protection, security labeling and packaging
  • To identify smart internet tools that can track down fake products and describe the various attributes of different coding technologies
  • To highlight the different technologies used to add intelligence to labels
  • To identify the different types of embossing and in-built security design features found in holograms
  • To understand how printing processes play an important role in brand protection
  • To explain how to design and how to apply, covert and forensic security features
  • To highlight nature and use of different types of inks for primary validation and covert authentication
  • To identify the means of protection for organic and non-organic label and packaging materials
  • To understand the routes taken to market, for authentic, parallel trade and counterfeit consumer products
  • To explain how packaging protects, informs and contains a product
  • To highlight the importance of quality management and procedures when producing security related labels and packaging

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